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Steel Boned Over Bust Corsets, Under Bust Corsets, Waspies & Waist Cinchers Clearance Sale!

All the steel boned corsets in this section are waist reducing and designed for very tight lacing
Important Information Regarding Sizing Please Read:-

The standard guide for choosing a steel boned corset is to measure your waist at its narrowest point with a soft tape measure and then subtract between 2 and 4 inches. This will then give you the closed waist size you will require.  Please do not take a guess from clothing that you wear as this is not always accurate. 

For an overbust corset you will need to take into consideration your bust/cup size.  If you have a cup size of  A, B or C then a corset 4 inches smaller than your natural measured waist should be fine. However, if you are D/DD then you may need to subtract only 2 inches. If your waist measures an odd number then you need to round it up or down to the nearest even number. People who are used to wearing restrictive corsets like this very often choose a size much smaller, but for comfort it is recommended that you choose a closed waist between 2 and 4 inches less than your waist measurement.

With underbust corsets it does not matter what your bust/cup size is as these sit directly under the bust line so as a general rule you need to subtract 4 inches from your measured waist.

If you need any help or advice please email me and I will be happy to advise.
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